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laser eye colour change - eye color change surgery - göz rengi değiştirme ameliyatı

Magic Eyes Laser is the professional eye color changing clinic with the laser. This procedure changes the color of your iris in a safe, easy, and permanent without surgery. It does not remove the pigment, it only affects the cells that contain pigment and making such pigment be removed by the same iris. The results are completely natural and generally predictable.

Our professional eye color changing laser procedure is a non-surgical outpatient laser technique and therefore lacks the typical complications of intraocular surgery. Magic Eyes Laser procedure is done with the patient sitting down in front of the laser device and it is done in both eyes, over the superficial iris pigment, which induces the permanent and irreversible removal of such pigment.   Each session lasts around 10 minutes for both eyes.

All sessions are done by a certified, Ophthalmologist. It is necessary to make a previous evaluation of the eye exams to do the procedure.